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Harbour tires

   Continental presents a wide range of tires for Harbour and Airport equipment.

   The Continental StraddleMaster is specifically developed for use on Straddle Carriers. The StraddleMaster carcass comprises of V-ply technology-multiple layers of high-tech fabric running diagonally from one bead to another at specially designed angles. Designed and developed for straddle carriers.

   The ContainerMaster handles steering on the spot much better, and tread cracks are significantly reduced. Designed and developed for reach stackers, heavy forklifts, and empty container handlers.

   The CraneMasters advanced design enables to offer great steering on the spot. In terms of damping, this design enables the CraneMaster tire to rely not only on compressed air but also on the exceptionally robust tire construction. Designed and developed for rubber tire gantry cranes, mobile harbor cranes, and AGVs.

leaflet Continental Harbour tires (download)

Continental Harbour tires

-Exception-ally robust

-Lower rolling resistance

-Longer service life

-Better damage resistance