Industrial tires for your equipment
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  EMCG TRADE LTD deels with industrial and commercial enterprises, warehouses and terminals, ports and career.

  The goal of the company is a steady supply of high-quality industrial tires for special industrial and warehouse equipment.

  By working closely with the CONTINENTAL AG (Germany) company , we ensure the constant availability of goods in the warehouse, as well as modest prices and terms of purchase of goods for our customers. In the nomenclature presented: Continental solid tyres, Barum solid tyres, Continental pneumatic tyres.

  We are ready to provide full technical support and help to find the optimal solution for the given operating conditions technique. Fast resolution of technical and commercial issues helps us to provide a high level of service to our customers and take a stable position in the tire distribution market, goods and services for the loading equipment.


Continental CSEasy

Simple. Economical. Revolutionary. The Continental CSEasy is the first system allowing Super Elastic Tires to be fitted without a press, offering greater flexibility and performance for end users, retailers, and OEM suppliers.

*Financial benefit

*Maximum mileage

*Energy saving

*Reduced rolling resistance

*Outstanding stability